FLEE Aerosol

FLEE Aerosol
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Product Description

FLEE Aerosol with Fipronil works for both dogs and cats to kill fleas and ticks on your pets. In fact , FLEE is the first Fipronil in an aerosol form that is labeled for both dogs and cats. This fast acting, waterproof, and long-lasting topical treatment flea spray for your pets has the same ingredient at the popular "Frontline".

Flee Aerosol Features •This flea aerosol has an quiet applicator-can be sprayed from any angle, even upside down

•One treatment of this flea spray lasts 4 weeks

•Stops existing infestations and prevents new infestations

•Dries fast with no lasting smell or oily spot

•Small can (6.5 oz) contains 10 treatments, large can ( 12.3 oz ) contains 18 treaments (for a 15 # dog or cat )